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i’m Annie Elizabeth

Hey, gorgeous! My name is Annie. I'm a joyful wedding photographer who cannot wait to serve you (and I will cry at your wedding.) If you are obsessed with elegant details, chai tea, lush florals, and your fiancé...then we're a match made in heaven! My top priority is connecting with you and helping you have the day of your dreams.

Nashville based, traveling WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHER


the experience

what it's like to be an annie elizabeth bride...

You've been dreaming of this day since you were five years old. The flowers, the gown, and best of all, your partner. You always knew you'd be obsessed with the colors and your venue, but you never knew how much you could love someone until you met THEM. This day will be celebrating your special love story...and one of your biggest priorities is quality imagery. These photos and your marriage are the only two things that will still be around in 50 years! Luckily for you, I understand that- and I want YOU to be excited and loving your day without any worries.
That's why you need a photographer who will build a relationship with you- so you can trust and have an amazing time, knowing your precious moments are being safely captured. If you're here right now, loving what you see and totally wanting in on may very well be an Annie Elizabeth Bride!

step 1:

We meet. We get donuts or chai tea (perhaps we even try the latest small biz coffee shop). I can tell that you're excited about your photos and you can tell that I am obsessed with your love story!
Whether we bond over classic art history, our Kate Spade purses, or how much we're in love with all things garden and floral, we both know that we've clicked and are comfortable. You can gush to me about all of your wedding plans, tell me about your bridal party, and give me the rundown on how he proposed.
I take this time to guide you through what wedding day collection would be perfect for your celebration- then after we hug goodbye, I custom create an online booking proposal for you. It couldn't be more simple and sweet!

step 2:

This is such a fun part of our sweet journey together. (and a personal favorite!) Those dreamy save-the-date images you've been wishing for? We set a date to create beautiful images, that perfectly capture you and your fiancé in this engaged period. I'll advise you on everything- from location, to outfits, to feeling natural and comfortable in front of my camera. My couples and I always have a blast shooting their session. Some have even asked for a part two!
Rebekah says: "Annie made our engagement session so fun and lighthearted. Like any couple, we were a little nervous about having our pictures taken but we had so much fun together. She captured our personalities and relationship perfectly!"

step 3:
engagement session

Years of anticipation, excitements, months of planning and a whole lotta love come together on this day. You can't believe it's finally arrived- but there are so many thoughts swirling through your mind!
The morning will pass oh-so-quickly but oh-so-sweetly...and then, you see him. All your fears melt away as you embrace and share this moment on the happiest day of your life.
Luckily for you...I'm right by your side, treasuring all of these memories and turning them into snapshots that tell a narrative of affection, joy, and elegance. You don't have to worry about anything- just celebrating and dancing the night away with all your loved ones.

step 4:
the wedding day

You're back from your honeymoon, and all you can think about is seeing those gorgeous pictures and reliving the whole wedding day. You open your laptop one evening and almost squeal with excitement- it feels like Christmas morning! Your gallery is ready! You and your handsome new husband pop open a bottle of champagne, snuggle up on the sofa, play your favorite romantic playlist and cry as you click through and feel every emotion over again.
In just a couple of weeks, we begin your album design process- and there is nothing like flipping those tangible, thick pages filled with the laughter and sparkle from your dreamy wedding day.
It's been an amazing journey together and your life has just begun. 

step 5:
after the party


Monet Inspired Editorial

"I must have flowers, always and always." - Claude Monet
I've never found a quote that rings more true. There is something so alive, so delicate but vibrant about florals. This East Made Co. shoot was inspired by the impressionist painters of Monet's time.






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"Pictures build memories and a heritage for family. I'm thrilled that my walls and photo albums will contain gorgeous images from Annie elizabeth photography."

-Monica H.